Day 1 – Adopted

January 20, 2012
Lake Nakuru
Kembu Camp

15 women and 1 man. That is who makes up our group. Our ages range from 18 – mid-50s and we are from the US, Canada, Finland, Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand and France. Some of us are nurses, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer,an anesthesiologist, a video editor, students, a chef, and a travel agent. A group of 3 girls and a group of 2 girls have traveled here together, but everyone else has come solo. Some are starting their journey here in Nairobi and some have already been traveling around Africa for a little while (including one brave soul who has climbed Kilimanjaro as part of her 3 month journey). We are a very diverse group and have decided to take this trip for different reasons, but almost immediately people clicked. I met 2 girls (of the 3 traveling together) on the airport shuttle and they’ve taken pity on me and have adopted me into their group. At least I know who my tentmate is now :)

After our initial group meeting we got in the Green Beast (our overland truck) and headed out for Lake Nakuru, a small national park known for its flamingo population.


Unfortunately, due to recent heavy rains that have affected the lakes salinity the flamingos have flown the coop, but it was a lovely park with a high concentration of cheeky monkeys, baboons, zebras, a couple rhinos and water buffalos, as well as lots of different birds.




After lunch we spent a few hours in the park before heading to our first campsite.

We got our instructions on how to pitch our tents and got to work. They went up pretty easy and for 2 people are fairly spacious (though not enough room to stand up in). We had a quick dinner and still feeling jetlagged I settled in for an early night after an ice cold shower (brrr!). My brain must still be really confused because I woke up every hour expecting it to be morning. Midnight. 1am. 2am. 3am. 4am. 5am. 6am. It was a long night.

Breakfast: at the hotel (eggs, sausage, fruit, coffee/tea)
Lunch: sandwiches with cold meat (?), fruit juice
Dinner: pumpkin soup, pasta with bolognese sauce (and a veggie option)


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