Day 2 – Sick as a Hyena

January 21, 2012
Naiberi River Camp

On the morning of our second day we got a brief ‘unpitching’ lesson and it is slightly trickier to take the tent down than put it up, only because if you don’t stamp out all the air and roll it correctly then it won’t fit in the bag and you’ll have to do it again as breakfast gets cold.

Before heading out on the road our cook had to stop in town to pick up supplies for the next couple days which gave us a chance to explore the city of Nakuru and practice our bargaining skills (hint – I’m terrible). On this trip we have to buy our own water so we headed to a supermarket and picked up 5 litres each to last us the next day or so. It was really strange to be in the middle of a dusty city in the middle of Africa and enter a bright supermarket with Coke and Sunlight logos staring you in the face.

Once we got rolling we spent about 5 hours on the road making our way from Lake Nakuru to Eldoret. It was a bumpy ride and we were all happy when we finally rolled into the campsite around 5pm. While the cook was preparing dinner most of the girls headed down to the bar and I got my first bottle of Tusker, a Kenyan beer. After a long day on the road it was cold and absolutely perfect.

Luckily the facilities at this campsite were excellent and most of us got a hot shower, a small luxury that really makes a difference. They were supposed to have wifi, but it was down while we were there. My phone with the Kenyan sim card was still getting service so I was happy and able to call home.

After dinner I started feeling a little funny which eventually turned into an all night sick-a-thon. My tentmate was sick as well, but we can’t figure out if it was something we ate/drank because no one else was sick. My tentmate also happens to be a nurse and therefore a walking pharmacy and the next morning she drugged me up enough to get back on the Green Beast and make our way across the Ugandan border into Kampala.

Breakfast: sausages, bread, cereal
Lunch: bread, leftover sausages, rice with carrots and onions
Dinner: fried potatoes, roast meat (and a veggie option)


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