Day 3 – Jackie Chan in Africa

January 22, 2012
Crossing into Uganda/Kampala
Red Chili Camp

10 hours. It took us 10 hours to get to Kampala (the largest city in Uganda). The border crossing was fairly easy. First you stop on the Kenyan side, show them your passport and get it stamped, then they search the truck (which took awhile), then you drive across no man’s land, go to the Ugandan office, answer some questions, pay $50 for a Ugandan stamp and wait while they search your truck again.

While waiting for the officials to search the truck on the Kenyan side we had the chance to talk to some of the kids wanting to sell us bananas. Everywhere we’ve gone someone wants to sell you something, but this was the first time we actually got to talk to them. We met 3 kids (aged 12, 14 and 12) who loved action movies, especially Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Rambo, Van Damme and the like. Even more they loved showing off their awesome karate skills (complete with sound effects).

While waiting on the Ugandan side we spoke to a young man who was super keen to find out everything possible about us (where are we from, what do we do, what’s the weather like, etc). I love talking to the different people we’ve met and find that overall the people are really friendly and eager to practice their english. And even if they don’t speak english (and I don’t speak Swahili), a smile goes a long way.

After finally clearing the border we continued our journey to Kampala and made it just before sunset. This campsite was excellent with a huge bar, charging station and super clean facilities. I’m beginning to notice that having toilet paper provided for you is also a luxury to take note of.

My tummy was feeling better today, whatever it was has run its course.

Breakfast: bread, eggs, cereal, bananas, coffee/tea
Lunch: bread, peanut butter, jelly, pineapple, potato salad
Dinner: rice, chile con carne (and a veggie option)


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