Day 4 – My Hero, Mister Potato

January 23, 2012
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Kiboko Bay Camp

Another very long day in the truck, 10 hours again. It feels like all we’ve done is sit in this bloody truck. I have to keep telling myself it will pay off when we get to the gorillas.

Last night was the best sleep I’ve had so far. I was able to sleep the whole night through, which means my jetlag has finally decided to bugger off. It was also the warmest sleep. The couple nights in Kenya were quite cold with full pants and long sleeve shirt for pjs and the sleeping bag pulled up over my head. Last night was actually shorts and a tank on top of my bag.

After waking up at 430am (!) we went to a 24hr supermarket for more supplies and water. This store was absolutely bizarre, like a Ugandan Walmart Supercentre. There was the grocery section, but also furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, basically anything you could want. I splurged and got a Coke Zero and Mister Potato Crisps (taste just like Pringles). I figure if I needed to be on the truck for 10 more hours today then I deserved a treat.

On our way to Queen Elizabeth we passed through many small towns.



They must see lots of big tours on this route, but they always stop to watch us go by and I often wonder what they think of us. We must seem so strange to them. A bunch of while people who paid thousands of dollars to come to their country and be shuttled around.



I love seeing the kids along the side of the road, they always wave to us with huge smiles on their faces. A couple people brought things to give them (postcards from Canada and pens). They go absolutely bananas for pens here. It’s so strange. Our guide told us that it’s because the pens provided here are quite crap and never work for very long.


Our first campsite in Uganda seems to be a mosquito haven and I have to remember to take my Malarone. The bar is nice though, beer here is the most expensive so far (roughly $2.50 a bottle) and the power has gone out twice. I guess its a common occurrence in Uganda to lose power as the staff just lit lanterns and continued as normal.

Breakfast: crepes, bread, cereal, bananas, coffee/tea
Lunch: leftover chili and rice, bread, pineapple
Dinner: veggie soup, pasta, beef stew (spicy) (and a veggie option)


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