Day 6 – Paradise on the Water

January 25, 2012
Bwindi/Lake Bunyoni
Lake Bunyoni Overland Camp

Another long day on the truck (about 6 hours), this time the scenery was a bit more to look at. I was surprised at how green and lush Uganda is. When I think about Africa ‘green’ doesn’t really come to mind. The landscape alternates between beautiful forests and valleys and small dusty towns with the buildings selling everything from fruit juice, to cell phone airtime to house paint. Each building is an advertisement itself, painted with different logos in bright colours. The towns themselves never take more than a few minutes to pass through and the sides of the road are always lined with smiling, waving children.

When we were about halfway through our drive we got stuck because of an overturned bus and tow-truck blocking the road. It looked like the bus had swerved to avoid something in the road (most likely one of the million motorcycles that scoot in and out of traffic), the driver lost control, turned into the ditch and tipped. Luckily no one was hurt and it was just the bus in bad condition. After a bit of a delay we passed by and continued on our dusty way.


The truck rides in Africa are particularly exhausting. The truck itself is in as good condition as it can be; the seats are fairly comfortable and all the windows open, but with the stifling heat and sun beating down on you through the windows you sometimes feel like you are baking from the inside out. Not to mention the roads themselves can vary from slightly bumpy to an all out obstacle course of potholes, speed bumps, random debris and other traffic. You essentially jostle along the entire ride and try to keep your breakfast from making a second appearance.

Our campsite is on the shores of Lake Bunyoni and it is absolutely breathtaking. We started down a winding dirt road that opened onto a gorgeous view of a giant, perfectly still lake surrounded by hills, trees and small villages. Our campsite is right on the edge of the lake and you can hear the frogs singing as you fall asleep. You can go for a swim, rent a canoe to paddle around or just relax and soak it all in. It is the absolutely ideal place to spend the next 4 nights and the perfect launching pad for our gorilla trip tomorrow.




Breakfast: sausage, bread, cereal, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, coffee/tea
Lunch: sandwich, fruit
Dinner: fried doughnuts, chicken curry, rice


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