Day 10 – Hippos and Warthogs and Crocs, Oh My!

January 29, 2012
Lake Mburu National Park
Lake Mburu National Park campsite

Hippos are extremely dangerous, they kill more men than lions. Don’t go near the warthogs, they are mean and can charge you. Since getting here those have been some of the warnings we’ve heard about the wildlife. Imagine my surprise when I find out that our campsite tonight is on the shores of Lake Mburu, where the hippos like to wander onshore after dark and warthogs are a-plenty.

After leaving Lake Bunyoni we started heading east, back to Kenya, through an area known for farming and cattle with giant horns. We were actually stopped for about 20 minutes while a herd of these crazy cows crossed the road in front of us.





Once we got to Lake Mburu National Park we had a short game drive where we saw antelope, zebra, water bucks, warthogs, baboons and vervet monkeys, then made our way to the campsite. When we pulled in, there were at least 8 warthogs grazing on the spot we were supposed to pitch our tents and no one wanted to go scare them off.

Some pitched their tents while some of us opted for a sunset river cruise ($10 pp). We putted around the lake for an hour or so, spotting hippos, some crocodiles and lots of baboons playing in the trees.





The sun set behind a large hill and I don’t think it was as pretty as it could have been, but it was nice nonetheless.




Returning to shore we noticed most of the warthogs had moved away from our campsite, but a few stragglers remained as we nervously walked between them.

During dinner we heard the first hippo noises of the evening. They sort of sound like they’re laughing at you, but really evil sounding. We used our flashlights to try to find them but couldn’t, which I think just made it worse. We were told that if we had to use the washroom during the night to be careful and bring a flashlight, but I don’t think anyone was brave enough to try it.

Breakfast: baked beans, toast, peanut butter, cherry jam, bananas, coffee/tea, juice
Lunch: pasta salad, watermelon, bread, guacamole, juice
Dinner: noodle soup, Ugandan stew, pasta


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