Day 11 – Why Won’t my Feet just Stay Clean?

January 30, 2012
Nile River Explorers Camp

One of the most frustrating challenges I’ve encountered in Africa is the constant fight against dirty feet. No matter how careful you are or how many times you shower your feet still end up caked in dirt just minutes after you’ve cleaned them off. I’ve noticed that the majority of the locals wear closed toe shoes and I can guess the reason why. Clearly us tourists don’t know any better, though I’ve tried wearing runners and can’t stand how hot my feet get. So in the choice between hot feet or dirty feet, dirtiness is the lesser evil.

It’s so easy to get frustrated about the little things when you’re so far away from home. Who took the last pineapple slice? Where the hell is my shampoo? Why isn’t my towel dry? Who used all the hot water? Why is this drive taking so damned long??? It’s so easy to pass blame and get angry at someone else for something that doesn’t really matter. I’ve found myself getting upset a couple different times on this trip and each time I really had to step back and shut up. Does it really matter if the pineapple is all gone or I have to take a cold shower? No. Because I’m still more fortunate than most of the people we passed on the road today. It’s all about perspective and in the grand scheme of things I am doing ok.

Our drive today took us from Lake Mburu (which we were all happy to leave) to Jinja, the adventure capital of Uganda. The campsite is the best we’ve been at. Really large and super clean shower/washroom facilities (with hot water), lots of plugs to charge stuff and wifi. WIFI!!! It also has a big bar and there are tons of other people here so it should be a good time all around.

Breakfast: omelet with tomatoes/green peppers, bread, peanut butter, cherry jam, bananas, pineapple, coffee/tea, juice
Lunch: pasta salad, fruit, juice
Dinner: mashed potatoes, gravy, tomato/onion medley, juice


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