Day 13 – On the Road Again

February 1, 2012
Naiberi River Camp

A particularly uneventful day as we left Uganda and crossed back into Kenya. Again, the process was fairly straightforward – with passport in hand go into office and get stamp, travel across border and repeat. Some people were asked a couple questions, but nothing major.

Once we cleared the border we made our way back to Eldoret, the same place we spent our second night and also the same place I was sick all night. It all looked a little different the second time around, much nicer, less vomit. We spent the day by the pool and for dinner we were treated with a Kenyan style dinner. Speeches were made, hugs exchanged. It was a really nice final dinner for everyone.

Breakfast: fried eggs, sausages, bacon, bread, peanut butter, jam, bananas, coffee/tea, juice
Lunch: pasta salad, tuna salad, pineapple, mango, juice
Dinner: (provided by the camp) garlic bread, naan, french fries, masala french fries, mixed veg, green salad, chicken masala, beef stew


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