Day 22 – Kill Pussycat Kill

February 10, 2012
Kudu Lodge and Campsite

After the success of the last two days in the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti everyone believed we wouldn’t be able to top what we’d already seen. Our morning game drive started as normal as we came across a couple cute jackals (like foxes) and giraffes. We drove on and after a bit it started to seem like all the animals had gone into hiding.

We came upon an open stretch of plains and saw an antelope wandering by itself in the grasses. A dark shadow was moving towards it and quick as lighting a lioness pounced and took that antelope down in a cloud of dust. We barely had time to realize what was happening before it was over. The lion took her kill in her mouth and disappeared into the grasses.

We started to move on when someone noticed two more shadows moving in the grasses. It was two more lions who could probably smell the blood from the kill and wanted to know what was going on.

They split up and while one went to the kill site the other took refuge in the shade.

We were so close I noticed how one closed her eyes when she smelled the air, how sharp their teeth were and how large (and terrifying) their paws were.

Our time in the Serengeti had come to an end, but everyone was more than happy with what we had seen. As we drove along the lone road out of the park our driver noticed a male lion laying beside a wildebeest, looking quite proud of himself. Walking in the opposite direction was a couple lionesses and their cubs. It looked like everyone had enjoyed their alfresco meal and were heading to the shade for some relaxation and digestion time. Just another awesome sighting in the middle of the Serengeti. It has been an amazing couple of days and I don’t think I’ll soon forget all the amazing things I’ve been so lucky to see.

Before heading to our camp in Karatu we stopped at the Olduvai Gorge where 3.6 million years ago 3 hominids left their footprints for us to find. The hominids were Australopithecus afarensus – part of the direct evolutionary line to Homo sapiens (though they walked upright, they did not use stone tools). It was neat to see this part of human history literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s crazy to think what else is still out there that just hasn’t been found yet.

Breakfast: toast, fried eggs, bacon, watermelon, cereal, banana, coffee/tea
Lunch: (packed lunch) sandwich, cookies, banana, juice
Dinner: mashed potatoes, spiced beef, mixed veggies


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