Day 23 – Many in Amani

February 11, 2012
Chem-Chem Camp

Intrepid, the company I’m touring with, strives to be a socially responsible company and makes sure to include a lot of local interaction on its tours. This morning, en route to our next camp, we stopped at Amani Children’s Home for a couple hours to meet some of the children who benefit from a company like Intrepid.

Amani is a large building with classrooms and dorm rooms for it’s growing population of streetkids that it takes in. It is not an orphanage, most of the kids here have a family, but for one reason or another have turned to the streets. Amani finds these kids and offers a safe place for them to live while they go to school for a few years and works with their parents (or other family members) to reunite them when school is done.

Currently the school has over 80 boys and less than 10 girls. They have about a dozen teachers, cooks and a nurse. The building was in great condition and as we toured through the classrooms, kitchens and dorms I thought the facilities were very clean and well maintained.

After the tour we were sent to play with some of the kids who swarmed our group as soon as we stepped outside. It seemed like soccer/football was the sport of choice (like most of Africa) and the kids had a great time making us run around after the ball.

When everyone was thoroughly exhausted and sweaty we got back on the truck and headed to Marangu, located close to Kilimanjaru and a really picturesque campsite high in the mountains. We met our host, Mr. Dilly, who spoke briefly about the Kili Project, which we will be touring tomorrow.

It must have been the kids that tired me out because I couldn’t keep my eyes open during dinner and went to bed at 830pm.

Breakfast: french toast, chicken sausages, baked beans, cereal, papaya, coffee/tea
Lunch: sandwich from cafe – chicken, pesto, avocado
Dinner: rice, beef stew, beans, spinach


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