Day 26 – Drive to Dar

February 14, 2012
Dar es Salaam
Kipepeo Camp

Today we made the 400km drive to Dar es Salaam. We left camp before 6am and rolled into Dar around 6pm. It was a crazy long trip and I managed to sleep through most of it. This trip has been really great for teaching me to fall asleep almost anywhere.

Halfway through the drive we stopped at a mall complex so we could stretch our legs. It was so strange going from the crazy heat outside (and believe me, it was hawt!) to a totally air conditioned mall. I really can’t get over the differences in the land and the classes here. We can be in the middle of a small village, with mudhuts and cattle all around, then hop in the truck, drive 30 minutes and find ourselves in a modern city much like you would find at home. I feel like I was really ignorant before this trip and have really had my eyes opened.

Our camp tonight is literally right on the beach and it is lovely. It’s called Kipepeo Camp and has both flush toilets and warm showers. After setting up the tents (and I switched tent mates) we made our way to the beach and the Indian Ocean. Only a couple of us chose to actually go swimming and we found out the undertow was really strong.

After our brief dip we had a great buffet dinner provided by the Camp and many of us stayed up rehashing our favourite moments of the trip. I can feel everyone winding down and the trip coming to a close, but I refuse to accept it just yet.

As I was falling asleep tonight I started thinking about the Swahili I had learnt on the trip. Granted, it’s not much, but it’s more than I came here with.

Jambo – Hello
Asante (sana) – Thank You (very much)
Karibu – Welcome (as in ‘welcome to my shop’ or ‘you’re welcome’)
Hapana – No
Ndiyo – Yes
Sawa – Ok
Habari gani? – How are you?
Mzuri/nzuri – I’m fine.
Pole pole – Slowly, slowly (like when you’re walking through a store)
Hakuna matata – Don’t worry about it/ everything’s going to be fine (yes, they really say it)
Tembo – Elephant
Simba – Lion

Breakfast: toast, coffee/tea
Lunch: (packed lunch) sandwich, banana, apple, juice
Dinner: rice, chicken skewers, chipati, chicken masala, potato salad, coleslaw


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