Day 28 – Spices & Sunsets

February 16, 2012
Sunset Bungalows

This morning we left Stonetown behind and headed to the North Coast of Zanzibar. On the way we met a local guide named Ali T (who had a crazy Brit accent) and we stopped at a Spice Plantation for a lesson on all the island has to offer.

While on the tour we tasted fresh cinnamon and lemongrass, peppercorns and ginger. Everything tasted so different because it was fresh. Halfway through the tour we stopped for a snack and enjoyed avocado, passionfruit, pineapple, jackfruit and lemongrass tea – all of it super fresh and super tasty.

Near the end, one of the guides climbed a coconut tree to the very top and dropped a couple coconuts for us. They then opened them up so we could get to the sweet, sticky milk and chopped up the insides for a coconutty snack. Yum!

After the tour we continued North and made it to Sunset Beach Bungalows. The accommodations here are spectacular; a big bright room with draping fabric, a balcony and air conditioning. There’s a small restaurant on site with ok food, but a distinct lack of change at the bar. The beach is the really spectacular part of this area. The water is Gatorade blue and the sand is soft and powdery. There isn’t a lot of people around which sort of makes it feel like you could have the whole beach to yourself if you wanted.

I spent the afternoon relaxing in a hammock with a beer in one hand and my ipod in the other. Later on, most of us opted to take a sunset cruise ($15pp) on a rickety wooden boat that cruised up and down the coast of the island.

We got some lovely views of the more expensive resorts up the beach and the sunset was beautiful. With the boat rocking gently back and forth I could have drifted off to sleep, despite being worried the boat would start sinking any second.

Breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, juice, coffee/tea
Lunch: traditional lunch – potatoes, beef stew, rice, cabbage mix
Dinner: hawaiian pizza


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