Day 29 – Under the Sea

February 17, 2012
Sunset Bungalows

After breakfast this morning a small group of us took a walk along the beach, visiting some of the shops and collecting shells. We made it to one of the pricier resort areas before security told us we couldn’t go any further. I guess they are very protective of their fancy-schmancy clientele. Grumbling, we headed back, we had snorkelling to do anyways!

A small boat picked us up and we headed to one of the reefs off the coast of one of the smaller islands close to Zanzibar. The ocean here is an incredible blue colour that is really hard to believe and saltier than I ever thought possible so a solid seal on the mask was essential. I jumped in and realized conditions were a bit less than ideal; it was a bit cloudy and the water was choppy. I managed to see some eels, clownfish, zebra-like fish, a few large schools of fish and crazy looking coral – but nothing totally spectacular. By the time we headed back to shore I realized I had burnt the back of my legs. Rookie mistake.

When we got to shore we had just enough time to shower all the salt away before the sun was setting. I decided to take a walk along the beach alone tonight. This being the last night I wanted time alone to reflect on the last month and what it had meant to me. I won’t recap all my thoughts here (they’re just for me), but I will say that the last month has been a dream come true. I saw more than I ever thought possible, I’ve done more than I thought I could do, I’ve made great friends and eaten some amazing food. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and will always remember this first big trip that started it all.

With some solemnity I walked back to the group and sat on the shore to watch the sunset as friends splashed in the water.

We had a farewell dinner on the beach where we got to talk about our favourite (and not so favourite) moments of the trip and make promises to keep in touch. I reluctantly went to sleep tonight with the wish that one day I’ll come back and get to do it all over again.

Breakfast: toast, fried egg,, juice, coffee/tea
Lunch: spring rolls
Dinner: cheeseburgers and chips


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