Day 1 – Conquering San Jose

December 21, 2012
San Jose
Hotel Aranjuez

Breakfast. It was all we could think about this morning when we woke up. Hotel Aranjuez is known for it’s amazing breakfast spread and that was one of the reasons I booked this particular hotel in the first place – it also had great reviews on TripAdvisor but let’s be honest, most of my decisions are based on food.

Hotel Aranjuez is made up of about 5 different properties with wood-planked outdoor passageways that connect them all. Following the signs we made our way through the grounds to a beautiful terrace where breakfast was served. After loading our plates with eggs, fruit, gallo pinto, bread and anything else we could fit, we found a table in the garden to dig in.


Later we took our coffee to the back porch and debated what to do with our day. I hadn’t planned to do anything (except relax) but the ants in my pants got the better of me and we booked a last minute walking tour with Stacey of Barrio Bird Walking Tours. We met her and another couple in Parque Morazan and started learning a bit more about the city of San Jose and the people of Costa Rica in general.



These stone spheres have been found all over Costa Rica. There are over 200 of them, range in size and people know very little about them. You can read more about them here.

Overall, the tour was great and I felt we learnt a lot about the country (like the Catholic Church is heavily involved with the government and that there is no national military). We also learnt a lot about the architecture of the city and their building practices, which have to take into account the hundreds of earthquakes that shake the country each year. The tour definitely helped me understand a bit more about the city (and it wasn’t so scary after all), though I still don’t plan on wandering around much after dark.

Breakfast: cheese omelet, raisin bread, star fruit, watermelon, apple, banana, cheese, fried dough balls, coffee, juice
Lunch: didn’t need it!
Dinner: veggie burger and cassado (rice with beans, salad, fried plantains)


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