Day 5 – Taking the Turkey Road

December 25, 2012
Monteverde Villa Lodge

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! It’s so nice to be away from all the craziness of a North American Christmas, and I only miss the family stuff just a little bit. As we had breakfast this morning we watched a young family celebrate Christmas morning. Each kid got one gift and they were over the moon. It was simple and meaningful and exactly what the holidays should be about.

The morning was grey and drizzly as we packed up all our gear and moved on to Monteverde, a city known for beautiful views and a relaxing vibe…we just had to get there first. Our journey started with a bus ride, not terrible, where we got to meet a family from DC with three young daughters and a ton of luggage. Each person had one of those massive rolling suitcases, as well as a backpack and miscellanious purses. They said they were only in CR for the week so I can’t imagine what they actually had packed in there!

The bus eventually pulled over to the side of a lake, where we all loaded into a swaying boat with an outboard motor. The boat ride probably took about 45 minutes and the rain continued the whole time. There wasn’t a whole lot to look at so we just relaxed and napped a little.


When we finally reached the other side of the lake the only way to the road (and the waiting bus) was up a steep, muddy incline that on a dry day would have been a challenge. Considering it had been raining for hours the path was essentially non-existent. Jeff and I slipped our way up the hill pretty quickly, only to turn around to the stranded family of 5 with their giant suitcases. There was no way they were going to be able to get up the hill. I shouldered our bags while Jeff turned around and grabbed two of their massive suitcases and started his climb back up the hill. And when he made it to the top, he went back down and grabbed two more. Essentially, Jeff is the nicest guy ever and great to have around in an emergency and without him the family would probably still be there, sinking in the mud. By the time Jeff made it back up the hill for the third time, he was covered in mud and needed to be hosed off before he could get in the bus.

Our last bus ride of the day was a looooong one as we winded our way to Monteverde on a bumpy, dirt road. Jeff and I spent our time listening to the American family squabble about how you say, “paved road” in Spanish. Turns out “calle pavo” is incorrect as “pavo” means “turkey”.

When we finally, and I do mean finally, arrived in Monteverde it was like I was breathing real air for the first time. It was so clear and fresh and clean.


I chose Monteverde Villa Lodge because the reviews on Trip Advisor were so possitive, especially when talking about how kind the owner Ana is to her guests. The lodge is located off a main road, nestled into a corner lot, surrounded by tall green trees and is perfectly secluded.


Ana, the owner, is just as lovely as everyone says. She warmly welcomed us and spent quite a bit of time walking us through a local map and going through all the things that are essenitial to see in Monteverde. We spent the afternoon relaxing on the balcony as the sun came out for the first time since arriving in Costa Rica. It was glorious. Ana came up and brought us a tray of fresh fruit and chocolate as well as a great recommendation for dinner, Morpho’s restaurant. It was the most delicious meal we’ve had so far and we’re thinking about coming back for lunch tomorrow.


Breakfast: pancakes with fruit salad, orange juice, tea, American breakfast
Lunch: buns, local cheese, apples, Papa Tosti’s (potato chips), chocolate (local grocery store)
Dinner: Morpho’s restaurant – veggie cassado, chicken and tortillas, coffee with coffee icecream


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