Day 8 – Adios Costa Rica

December 28, 2012
San Jose
Hotel Aranjuez

Seeing as today was our last day in Costa Rica we finally decided to do a little beach swimming considering we don’t know when we’ll be near an ocean again. The current was really strong and while tumbling in the waves we both managed to loose our (prescription) sunglasses and then find them again! It was pure luck!


Jeff couldn’t stop thinking about the Margherita pizza from yesterday so we went back to the same place for lunch (it was just as good the second time) and then it was back to the hotel to pack everything one last time and head to San Jose.


There were times during this trip when the rain really got me down, but we ended on a high note thanks to the awesome hospitality in Monteverde and the beautiful weather in Manuel Antonio.

Breakfast: toast, breads, fruit, juice, coffee
Lunch: Margherita pizza, ice cold pop, coffee ice cream
Dinner: splurged on junk food, yogurt



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