Day 1 (part two) – Under Your Skin

May 17, 2013
Juyoh Hotel

Japan Day by Day, the awesome guidebook that we used to help plan our trip, recommended a stop at the small but impressive Meguro Parasitological Museum for a close up view of some real creepy crawlies. Never one to turn down something disgusting we made our way there immediately after the Tsujiki Fish Market and what we found was truly sick.

***WARNING SOME OF THESE PICTURES ARE GRAPHIC (AND REALLY GROSS)*** I have even more if anyone is interested :)


The ground floor starts innocently enough with a small lobby dedicated to the tamer parasites and a display showing the different parasites found in the human body.


It isn’t until you get upstairs where the horror show really starts.







Luckily, or unluckily, none of the captions are in English so I have no idea what any of that is. All I do know is that I want them to stay in their glass containers, far away from me. In addition to whatever the heck those things are there was also this incredibly racist cartoon from 1940 depicting the effects of Snail Fever.

Racist Cartoon

And we also found the world’s longest tapeworm at 8.8 metres, that’s almost 29 feet!


There was some old medicine packages that I would have ripped open in a heart beat if I found myself infected at that moment and lots of books with hand drawings of various parasites. Really neat stuff considering the amount of knowledge contained in these old volumes.



In closing, the museum was small but mighty and a really neat look at the tiny world around us.


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