Day 2 – The Day We Met Jesus

December 19, 2013
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Buena Onda Backpackers

A chorus of out of tune roosters woke us up this morning. We ignored them as long we could but finally got up around 8am to freshly made coffee and a beautiful day. Baba suggested we grab breakfast in town and then hike to the Jesus statue that overlooks the bay. It’s a fairly new tourist attraction and he promised it was an easy hike that could be done in sandals in about 15 minutes. Spoiler Alert: Baba is a damned liar.

We learnt that the market in town was the best (and cheapest) place to grab breakfast so we set out with that in mind. Almost every place in town does breakfast and we saw menus ranging from $5-$15. It was total accident we stumbled into Comedor Angelita, a small restaurant in a row of five with an open kitchen and mismatched cutlery.

I was starving so we sat down and grabbed a menu. Pancake with fruit and a coffee was $2. Gallo pinto with eggs, a tortilla and coffee was $2. Neither of us could actually finish our plates and we were so full we managed to skip lunch.
Bellies full, we decided that now was the perfect time to attempt this easy hike we were told about.

It starts with a walk on the beach, then a stroll through a very posh neighbourhood, and then you notice the road is getting a little steep, then you notice you are walking at a 45 degree angle, drenched in sweat and completely out of breath. We took a wrong turn a couple times but eventually found our way to the top and to a beautiful view of the bay and the Costa Rican coast.



After our much easier hike down we spent the afternoon playing on the beach and testing out our waterproof camera (it works like a champ).

For dinner we went to a small, hole in the wall, restaurant, popular with locals called Comedor Margarita. It was recommended to us from a couple staying in our hostel as the place to go for good, cheap food.

San Juan is such a small town, only a few streets wide by a few streets long, but the price difference in restaurants is crazy. On our first night we ate at a touristy restaurant on the beach; cesaer salad and pesto pasta with 2 beers came to over $30. The salad didn’t have dressing and the pasta was just ok. Tonight we ate a couple streets into town for only $10. For that price we each got three incredible fish tacos and a fruit smoothie for a fraction of the beach place. Granted, the waiter at the beach restaurant spoke English with an Anglo version menu, but sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone, point to something on the menu and cross your fingers that it will all turn out ok.

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