Day 10 – Good Morning Paradise

December 27, 2013
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Casa Ola

We woke up this morning in paradise. When we arrived at Casa Ola last night, after a very bumpy ride, it was pitch black and though we could hear the ocean we couldn’t see it. We were shown our room and left to fall asleep to the crashing waves that were so loud I could have sworn our room was right on the beach. In the morning light it’s easy to say that this place is magnificent. It’s hidden away from town, on a private beach and has been designed so most rooms have an open air feel and stunning views.

We only have one full day here before our flight tomorrow but my friend is working hard to convince me to stay…and I think it’s working.

After breakfast we explored the private beach, which is huge, and tried to catch crabs (not a euphemism) on the rocks.


There’s a brand new yoga studio on site so we had an impromptu session overlooking the beach.

The house comes with a guide/driver/chef named Gonzalo, who is also an excellent fisherman. In a boat, right in front of the house he caught a huge tuna which he cooked for dinner and we all devoured. By the time we were ready for bed I had decided to stay until January 2 and had rebooked my flight. I was hoping Jeff could stay as well but he is all vacationed out and anxious to return home. Just for the record I think he’s crazy.

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