Day 9 – A Dolphinless Day At Sea

December 26, 2013
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Casa Ola

To start with, I can get a little seasick. When we were in Costa Rica last year we took a sailing trip to see dolphins. I took so much Dramamine I basically slept through that magical moment when they appeared and have been kicking myself since. Determined to fulfill my dolphin wish this year I booked an afternoon boat tour with Nica Sail n Surf who pretty much all but guaranteed an afternoon filled with porpoise.

We, and 22 other people, picked up the boat from the San Juan dock and headed out. The boat itself was really nice, very clean and the crew made sure that nobody had an empty glass in their hand.

I sat right in the front, eyes peeled, waiting to see a school of happy dolphins playfully chasing our boat.

But I didn’t. After sailing for an hour or so we pulled into the bay of a private beach, Playa Blanca, and dropped anchor. Some chose to stay on the boat but most people grabbed a pool noodle and a snorkelling mask and hopped in. The water was pretty clear but there was little to be seen beneath the surface except a few interesting looking creatures.


We swam to shore and sat in the shallow water, taking in the view briefly, before we were rocked sideways by the surf. You know the famous beach scene in From Here to Eternity? Pretty sure even they got saltwater up their nose.

Hungry, we swam back to the boat where the crew had made fresh ceviche and salsa. We ate our fill and then settled in for the boat ride back. They had timed it so halfway back to San Juan we had a gorgeous view of the sunset.

The trip had been fun, a nice way to spend the afternoon and get out of the city, but we hadn’t seen any dolphins so that’s a 2 point deduction. Pulling into San Juan del Sur after dark meant the shoreline was lit up and we had to meet up with friends for dinner and a change of accommodations. We checked out of Buena Onda this morning and will be staying at a private rental house for the next couple of nights. It’s a tough life.

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