Day 13 – Playa Replay

December 30, 2013
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Casa Ola

The guys wanted to try surfing on a different beach this morning so we hopped a ride on their boat and ended up at Playa Hermosa, the beach Jeff and I visited last week that didn’t make that much of an impression on me. The boat ride was fun, just a tiny motorboat packed full of people, surfboards and a cooler of beer. We shoved off from beach and got the guys to push us out before they climbed in.

While the guys surfed and us girls wandered the beach, Gonzo our guide went fishing for dinner. On our first night he caught a tuna but had been less lucky since. On our way back from Hermosa we decided to see if we could catch any dinner. They don’t fish with rods here, the have a wooden board wrapped in fishing line and a hook. No bait. No lure. You look for either the splashing of a school of fish or a flock of birds diving into the water and then you head over there as quick as you can and throw your line in. It took about an hour of fishing before one of the lines went taut, then the other and the guys started reeling them in.

Two large tunas for dinner, caught right from the ocean in front of the house. Totally crazy and super tasty.


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