Day 14 – Dancing in the Rain

December 31, 2013
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Casa Ola

Hanging around the balcony on the house are a few shell wind chimes that look like they were made by past guests. A few days ago we decided to carry on the tradition and started looking for suitable shells on the beach, but pickings were slim. Someone told us that the next beach over, Playa Yankee, had tons of shells so we made a plan to hike over there. A crudely drawn map was made and we traipsed off into the forest only to promptly get lost. Perfect. Then the heavens opened and a guy and his son roared by on a dunebuggy and asked if we wanted a lift. Why yes, yes we did.

We made it to Playa Yankee in record time and spent the morning playing on rocks and finding shells that would work for our craft.

Most of the shells were a little banged up but once in awhile I’d come across a perfect pair that to me looked like a pair of lungs.

We also found the tie-dyed remains of a lobster on the rocks. We looked around for any live guys that we could subsequently kill and eat, but were less successful.

The walk back to the house was decidedly less fun than the ride out but cold showers were waiting for us and a little siesta before we started making the best wind chime to ever exist anywhere.

Considering it was New Years Eve everyone agreed a dinner in town would be the plan for the night. Little did we know Gonzalo was out fishing and would come back with 31 tunas. Yep. 31. A huge haul.

He was more than happy to take us into town for dinner which meant he would be able to sell his catch to the locals. He tied down a cooler to the top of the truck, filled it with a hundred pounds of fish and off we went. Every time we passed a group of people or a house where Gonzalo knew the occupants we would pull over and a sale would be made. He’d climb onto the roof of the car and take out however many fish the buyer wanted. By the time we made it to town Gonzalo had sold most of the fish and blood was running down the windshield.

We had dinner at a restaurant on the beach (nothing special) and then headed to the bar for the night, a local place with a huge dance floor. On our way we came across a group of fire performers in the middle of the street stopping traffic in both direction. We watched for a bit and then it started to rain, then it started to pour and it never let up. We spent about 20 minutes huddled under a storefront before we decided to just make a mad dash for it as we were running out of time before midnight. Soaking wet and out of breath we made it to the bar with ten minutes to spare.

Cinco…cuatro…tres…dos…uno… ¡Feliz año nuevo!


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