Day 15 – Sunsets

January 1, 2014
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Casa Ola

Not much really happened today, I don’t think anyone was really up for anything and despite our best efforts everyone was asleep by 9pm. But today did start and end on the beach. I was up before anyone and went for a walk by myself. I’ve never had the experience of being on a private, totally isolated beach before this trip and there’s something so special about walking a beach completely devoid of footprints. It’s as if you are the first person to ever step there and when you look back and see only your prints, partially washed away by the surf you’re reminded that tomorrow morning there will be no evidence of you at all. I stayed out there until the sun became too hot then took evidence that yes in fact I was there and maybe one day I’ll come back.

It has become a daily tradition for my friend and I to walk the beach at sunset. Sometimes one of the guys joins us but more often than not it is just us two. Tonight, our last night, everyone came out to see the sunset and walk on the beach one last time.

The sunsets are pretty spectacular here and tonight’s was the best of all.


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