Into the Woods

Day 12 – February 12, 2014
Surat Thani, Thailand
Khao Sok Rainforest Resort

Because we slept on the overnight train from Bangkok we were a little worse for wear when we arrived this morning at 5am. We had breakfast at a small cafe at the train station and then took a bus to Khao Sok National Park. The bus was a brightly painted school bus that was only slightly terrifying as it careened down the narrow roadways.


The place we stayed at was pretty nice and had a small river running behind it that called my name.


We decided to take a hike in the National Park in the afternoon and then go for a swim before dinner.


Khao Sok has a bunch of different waterfalls and we chose to hike out to Sip-ed-Chun, an 11-tiered waterfall that was supposed to be very pretty. It was a 4km hike that started fairly easily with a concrete path and steps which gave way to a dirt path after a few minutes.


For the most part the path was easy to follow in that we could see the path, but the route was definitely not the most direct. At times we were pressed against the side of a hill with only a foot of path carved into the side, then we’d scramble over tree branches, under fallen bamboo shoots and jump across rocks to cross river after river.



Though difficult, it was a beautiful hike that stretched out over four hours. We encountered only a few fellow hikers and often wondered if we had made a wrong turn only to find a small yellow arrow that pointed the way…or an elephant sign…or a creepy mask.



But we did finally make it to Sip-ed-Chun and it was very pretty and a bit disappointing.


It was starting to get dark so we only stayed long enough to dip our feet in the cold water and catch our breath. On our way to the waterfall we had commented on how eerily quiet the forest was, but as we started back we noticed that the forest was coming alive with sounds.

I was keeping my eye on the sun and was very conscious that the hike had lasted a couple hours longer than anticipated. I was hoping that we’d make it back before dark and luckily we found the concrete path and made our way out.



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