Surprises and Disappointments

Day 3 – August 31, 2014
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Four Points by Sheraton Halifax

Before leaving Baddeck this morning we stopped at The Alexander Graham Bell Museum, a modern looking building that houses not just a section on Bell’s telephone but his many other ventures as well.

2014-08-31 08.02.26


2014-08-31 08.15.11

There were several sections on Bell’s personal life, focusing on his father’s work with the deaf and how Bell met his wife through his position as a teacher to the deaf. It was through this work that the telephone developed, but that was such a small section of the museum. Bell was also intimately involved in experiments with flight and hyrdofoil boats.

2014-08-31 08.31.48

2014-08-31 08.46.59

I thought the museum was really well designed, well curated and really eye-opening. I had no idea Bell was such an inventor or that he made a home in Cape Breton because it reminded him of Scotland.

We finished the museum and with our bags already packed we left Cape Breton and headed towards Halifax, our next stop. We checked in to the Four Points by Sheraton Halifax, which I booked through for a pretty solid deal ($77/night) and immediately headed back out and over the bridge to Dartmouth to see the house where my dad grew up. We found the address with no problems and I slunk down in my seat to take a couple pictures.

2014-08-31 16.32.28

It was late in the day at this point and we had one more thing to check off our list, finding the best fish and chips in Canada. Google led me to an article in Canadian Living that named John’s Lunch in Dartmouth as the #1 spot so we made a beeline to the small diner that’s been around since 1969.



I was so hopeful that this was it, the holy grail of fried fish, the absolute best in Canada but I was only disappointed. There was absolutely nothing special about this fish, in fact it wasn’t even fried fresh and the fries were obviously frozen and from a bag. I don’t like coleslaw or tartar sauce but I feel I should mention that the coleslaw costs extra and the tartar sauce comes in those little plastic packets. Thumbs down all around and my search continues.

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