There’s a Seal on my Beach

Day 1 – January 25, 2015
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii
Aloha Kauai Courtyard

Here we are, back in Hawaii (albeit a different island) celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. When we visited the Big Island on our honeymoon we made the decision to try a different island every five years and so far we’re on track. We landed last night after dark and with only a couple turnarounds we made it to our vacation rental in Old Koloa. Waking up this morning with the roosters was a bit harsh, but was a great reason to get a jump on our first day.

An easy drive away was The Spouting Horn, one of the most photographed places on the island. The Spouting Horn is a naturally formed lava tube that shoots a large blast of water into the air when the sea rushes in. Hawaiian legend says that a giant lizard once guarded this area, eating anyone who dared to fish or swim close by. One day a young boy named Liko confronted the lizard, stabbed her with a sharp stick and swam under the lava shelf escaping through the small hole. The lizard got stuck in the lava tube and to this day you can hear her roar and see her breath from the blowhole.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile there was also saw a turtle and small pod of dolphins playing just by the edge of the rocks. It’s a quick visit, but a really interesting spot. It’s tempting to climb down onto the lava rocks, but there’s lot of fencing and signs warning people to keep away because it’s considered one of the most dangerous spots in Hawaii. People who do climb down for a photograph with the blowhole can be swept out by a wave and drown.

Just down the street from Spouting Horn we found Poipu Beach Park, an awesome beach with great facilities (lifeguard, toilets, showers) and seals! When we walked onto the beach we could see some yellow string roping off what looked like a dead seal, but turned out to just be a really tired seal.


The Hawaiian Monk seals are endangered and fiercely protected. While we were on the beach there were two volunteers on the Seal Response Team that are called when one of these guys decide to take a nap on a beach. The Team is responsible for keeping the general public informed and in most cases keeping them away from these slumbering beauties.


The seals actually need to sleep on the beach, they can become so tired that if they fall asleep in the water they can drown. And with only approximately 1100 left it is critical to give them space, especially when they flop around trying to get comfortable.


We spent the rest of the afternoon in Poipu before heading to Salt Pond Beach for sunset. Salt Pond was another great beach that we’ll probably visit again, but in Hawaii can you really have a “bad” beach?




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