Mahaulepu Beach

Day 6 – January 30, 2015
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii
Aloha Kauai Courtyard

Yesterday, our kayak guide recommended an isolated beach on the south shore called Mahaulepu. The directions we were given were along the lines of, “drive until the paved road ends and it looks like you aren’t supposed to be there. Then keep going.” To get there we had to drive through private property on an old sugar cane road that was better suited to a Jeep than our Mustang rental car. The dirt road was really beat up, with 6″ deep potholes and large stones sticking up randomly. It was a bumpy ride and we weaved back and forth across the road to avoid the worst of it, sometimes brushing up against the trees and bushes that lined the road.


When we got to the end of the road and what we guessed was the “parking lot” for the beach we surveyed the damage and momentarily freaked out. But luckily the scratches were just dust and washed off easily.


Mahaulepu Beach is one of the beaches from the movies that you can’t possibly think exists in real life. The water is too blue, the cliffs are too dramatic, the sand is too soft…it was the perfect place to spend the day. Lucky for us the water was pretty calm because there is no lifeguard post at this beach. There are also no washrooms and no snack bar, so plan your day accordingly.


There’s a hiking trail that runs along the cliffs that we explored at a leisurely pace in the afternoon. It takes you across cliffs and around blowholes, over lava tubes and continued further up the coast than we were willing to go. This trail is more of less unmarked and there are no safety barriers along the cliffs, which are made from brittle lava rock so hike at your risk and bring lots of water.

January is part of whale season on Kauai and from the top of a cliff we watched dozens of whales jumping and spouting in the distance. When the sun got too hot we turned around and headed back. The scenery was absolutely awesome and I totally get why they call Kauai the “garden isle.”


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