Chances are, anyone reading this already knows me.

Hi mom.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mom & Dad says:

    Hi Sarah
    Read the blog from start to finish – Dad & I think you have a real knack for writing and are very proud of you! Somewhere along the way you developed a spirit of adventurism and we’re not quite sure where it came from, but we are a little envious and very happy that you have the courage to follow your dreams (not to mention having a very supportive hubbie!)Hope the next leg of this incredible journey lives up to (or exceeds) your expectations! Keep the info coming!
    Be good, behave and for goodness sake…be careful.
    Love you lots
    Mom & Dad

  2. Randy says:

    Hey Sarah

    Also read your blog from beginning to end today. Sounds like your having a great time. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories ( in person) when you return.

    Enjoy yourself and be safe.

    Your father in law

  3. ATD says:

    Hi there.

    We have one (unusual) word in common in our blogs’ title :)
    I just found yours while reviewing my SEO.

    Great pictures! And yes, traveling is ACE, especially when done SOLO.


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