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Day with the Druids

June 5, 2015
London, England

As the Eiffel Tower is synonymous with France, so is Stonehenge to England.

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As wikipedia says, “Stonehenge was produced by a culture that left no written records.” Both interesting and infuriating. You would think that after time we could eventually figure out the purpose behind these stone columns, but there is still debate and mystery that surrounds them.
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Did the stones have healing powers? Were they used as a calculator or calendar? Why were some dragged over 200 miles?
2015-06-05 06.08.33Unfortunately the site itself reveals no answers, but offers many theories in it’s beautiful and brand new Visitor Centre. Included with the entrance fee is a shuttle to the stones (and back), the Centre and some outdoor displays, including replica huts and a replica of one of the sarsen stones.

2015-06-05 06.46.28

The huts were recreated based on remains found just over a mile from Stonehenge. Ten buildings were excavated dating from around 2500 BC, but it’s likely there were many more. They were likely used for feasting, based on animal bones and pottery found, but also possible they were built for people to live in while they built Stonehenge.

2015-06-05 06.48.25

This is an exact replica of Stone 60 from the inner horseshoe and weighs about 28 tonnes. One theory for moving them, that did not involve divine intervention, was that the stone was secured to a wooden sled and pulled over rollers. It would have been hard, long and dirty work that required upwards of 100 people per stone.

It’s an awesome mystery and one that I hope is solved and remains unsolved in equal measure.