Say Hi

I don’t think I’ll have reliable cell phone service while away, but I hope to hop online every now and then so shoot me an email.


8 thoughts on “Say Hi

  1. BettyAnn says:

    We’re thinking about you Sarah. Love the blog! Enjoy every moment.
    Love you, BA & R

  2. Paul & Teresa Gillis says:

    What a great adventure Sarah, I hope you are able to do another when you get the chance. Take lots of pictures, make lots of friends and have the time of your life. Love Paul & Teresa

  3. Melissa says:

    So glad you are having an awesome time!! You are so brave, I am totally jealous! Can’t wait to read more about your journeys!!!

  4. Shawzborne says:

    Cool Blog Sarah! I like the web design

  5. Heather Mazzei says:

    Hi Sarah and Jeff. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to read your blog. I loved the comment by George Santyana ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ How very perfound. Thanks for taking Uncle Dan and I through Hiroshima. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your trip. (I am hoping you will take me somewhere else through your Blog (which is very, very well done)). Love, Uncle Dan and Aunt Heather xo

  6. victor derus says:

    Thanks for sharing your awesome experience Sarah! Have fun on the next stage !
    It was nice that Ashley had a surprise birthday too!

  7. Nin says:

    Great blog, Sarah! I really enjoyed the photos of your world travels. I envy you some of the places & animals you’ve seen, the people you’ve met & just the experiences in general.

  8. Nin says:

    Hi Sarah – GREAT photos! You should be working for a travel magazine! Especially liked the photos with bright blue skies & marine blue water. You really have quite the “photographer’s eye”. I’m so glad you & Jeff decided to go…….Nin


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